Siena Tango Easter: April, from 19th to 22nd, 2019, for the second consecutive year in Siena, a charming medieval town, with a couple of young and emerging international dancers and masters, Edwin Leonardo Olarte and Vittoria Franchina! Siena: one of the Tuscan destinations preferred by tourists from all over the world, for its famous Palio and its unparalleled artistic and architectural beauties. The couple: he Colombian, she Italian, two artists of the highest technical and expressive level. The hotel: the elegant 4-star Hotel Garden, surrounded by a majestic eighteenth-century park outside the walls, just few minutes walk from Porta Camollia, ancient access to the city.
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Per il secondo anno consecutivo, ritorna un atteso appuntamento con il tango: dal 19 al 22 aprile 2019, un indimenticabile weekend, in una delle più visitate e amate località della Toscana: Siena. Ancora una volta sarà il raffinato Hotel Garden Siena a 4 stelle a ospitarci, con tutto il suo charme. Un punto ideale per visitare il centro di Siena e i suoi celebrati dintorni, tra storia, arte e cultura. Con i Maestri Edwin Leonardo Olarte e Vittoria Franchina.
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